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Franco Pagano

Option list problem

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Mac Yosemite, Fmp adv 15.02, safari

The same layout and the same pop over:

As you can see the option list in a Global field has different look, with the client look good, on web direct is a garbage.

What i can do?

Many thanks

Web direct option list.jpg   

 Fmp client Option list.jpg



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I don't believe there is a good solution yet for styling radio- and checklists in WebDirect.

What most people do is build similar functioning layout elements. The simplest way, if the options don't change, is to use text labels and single radio buttons sized to only show the radio button itself. That can sort of mimic radio buttons. But it's still hard to get the radio's looking ok on all platforms. Ditching the radio's all together and using only button elements is probably an even better option. If it needs to be dynamic you'll probably want to use portals and buttons.

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