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Upgrading to Workgroup Licence

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charlitoA    0

Hi all


I recently bought a licence of 360Works Email 2, working great, but I will need to upgrade to Workgroup Licence, I thought that only when sending an email and only then where using the licence, but apparently not and I need to upgrade

Do anybody know if I get a disscount for having already the single user licence? Or do I have to buy from scratch? It's the same file or it's diferent?

Kind Regards

Happy Programming

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ryan360Works    18

Hi charlitoA,

You can apply the cost of the Single User license to the Workgroup license. To do so, click on the "Pricing and Download Demo" button on the Email plugin product page. Once there, click on "Upgrade" under the Workgroup license tier. On the next page, enter in your existing license into the respective fields and click "Upgrade" next to the line that says "Upgrade from Single User to Workgroup". The plugin is the same for all license levels so you do not need to uninstall the file you already have.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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      I have had intermittent problems in the past sending out multiple emails (in a loop, up to 50 emails) using the Send Mail script step. Some of the emails can fail to send. I was put in touch with an IT support person in the university where I work, and he thought that the problem might be solved by sending via an SMTP server intended specifically for applications and therefore equipped to handle the high volumes and fast speeds of the multiple emails produced by a looping set of send instructions.  The prefix for the SMTP server is appsmtp rather than smtp. I gave him the IP address for my version of FM Server 14, and he created the necessary firewall exception. However, if this solution is to work, the emails must go out directly from the server rather than from an email address that is hosted by the server. Even though I provide the new server address (smtp.utoronto.ca), and the correct port, my attempts to send test emails have failed. The IT person did not see correct the IP address at his end. He saw the IP address associated with my Mac.
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