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Speak script speed

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Is there a way to reduce the speed of a voice reading a text field using the

SPEAK script?

I'm using the 





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12 hours ago, MonkeybreadSoftware said:

If you would want to use Speak command in MBS Plugin, I could add an option for speed, just for you.

Thanks Of course but how much will this cost me? I am just a student

Another question related to SPEAK

if I want to use one language insatalled from Apple Voices to a specific "part of a text file"

and another language to a different part in the same text file will this work with the MBS plugin

In other words will the PlugIn allow me to choose which voice to use and its speed or not?

To achieve this I will write a scipt using delimiters within a text so the script would know when to switch from a voice to another 




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