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Wrong figures after Sync URGENT

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We Sync with 3.17 and we have a big problem.


the employees works with their iPads to sell products and every day they create several contracts and sync that to the server. every contract got a specific contract number/contract id calculated on the iPad and it is the  personal-id & 99 & next consecutive number. 99 stands for iPad in that case

on the server this field is simply a number field without any calculation to get the same number as it is on the iPad. but the number is very different. the number doesn't have anything to do with any number transfered within syncing.

for example Mr. King with his personal id 772 creates a new contract with the contract id (number)  77299100643 where 772 is the personal id 99 is for the ipad and 100643 is the next available number. but on the server after syncing the contract id is -12564355289 or -28955432100 or 188765529 on the server and i do not understand where this number comes from? on the iPad it is still the right number. The number is wrong within the contract and within the positions related to the contract so on the server you can see the contract and his goods as it would be entered correctly but with totally wrong contract number.

this contract with wrong id is later transfered automatically to the warehouse and there the goods where shipped to the customer and the transporter returns the contract to the server as a receipt and then to the employees' iPad where he has to control if all the goods where delivered. we have colored it to show red as not done yet - we have a lot not done but it is done already. if the contract id is not the same it is impossible to control that cause he creates thousands of contracts each month. and it goes beyond the warehouse itself cannot work fast enough with wrong numbers because with that 772 only they know from whoes deposit the goods must be taken. so they have to double check who has sent that contract manually. thats a horrible situation.

how is it possible that the server doesnt get the right number? We need a solution real quick. With MirrorSync 2 that was no problem at all and sadly there is no way to return to the old system. We need a solution for the new one.

Thank you

FileMaker Go 15

FileMaker Server 15 /Mac OS X 10.10.5

MirrorSync 3.17


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can you not simply do it live ? i used to do MirrorSync  but my guys now use the solution straight from there phones or ipads to my server. We have FM15 server and 5 licenses. We simply log in over wifi or through tethering to there iphones and use the phones data allowance. works  a treat

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There must be some other transformation at play here. Are there dates involved anywhere? Are you 100% positive the data types are the same on both the local mobile file and on the server. :)

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I would recommend storing that field as text, not number. Also, are you using XML or JDBC for the sync? If JDBC, you could try switching to XML to see if that solves the problem.

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