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How to change default AWS Region

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turbopige    0


The first time i have create an SES in US East... 
But now SES is available in Europe, I have create and reconfigurate a SES in Europe But CloudMail only work in Us East... 

What can i do to use my Europe configuration ?




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ryan360Works    16

Hi Marc,

CloudMail is hardcoded to only work for the US East region. We can modify CloudMail for you to run in the Ireland region. Our currently rate is $185/hr USD. If you are interested in this customization, please let me know and I will get you in contact with our project manager to discuss the project further and get you a quote. 

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turbopige    0

Thank you Ryan,

It's work find with the US East Region. Maybe in the next release you will give us the opportunity to change the Amazon Region.

Regards ;-)

We stay tune 

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