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So I want to play with barcoding and scanning. Maybe have different departments scan a barcode on a job bag to update job statuses, etc.

Before I thoroughly investigate this process, I thought I would ask the community about any experiences, etc. I guess my thought is that the a barcode could be a button. Also, any recommended barcode USB Scanners?

Any insight, suggestions and tips would be appreciated.

Work flow: Print various barcodes on my job tickets... when scanned, it would trigger filemaker to change the status of the job. From Active, to Shipped, or to billing, etc. (hope that makes sense)





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Not sure what you mean about the barcode being a button.

Generally a barcode represents a text string, and a barcode scanner is essentially an alternative keyboard.

So when you imagine your implementation, just think of the ways you might work with a text field for data entry.

I'll leave it to others to chime in with specific recommendations, since I haven't done much with bar codes recently other than generating some QR codes for URLs.

Edit: I should have mentioned, one barcode scanner you can use is an iOS device with FileMaker Go!

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If I have a job ticket or work order in my shop. Can a barcode be printed on it.... when scanned, it could trigger a scrip.

Basic Work Flow: Job is in Room A, when they are done, it goes to room B. They scan the job bag... filemaker now knows the job is in Room B.

Similar to that of say FedEx. FedEx picks up and they scan the package. When they bring it back to base, it gets scanned. When out goes on the plane it gets scanned and so fourth.

Or something simple like.... Scan barcode on Job Ticket and filemaker jumps to that project on screen.



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Thanks for these articles and pointing me I. the right direction! I didn't;t get to read them entirely yet, but I will over the weekend.

Thanks Again!

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