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Jonathan Ackerman

Webdirect on Android random formatting loss

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Posted (edited)

When using WebDirect on an Android phone- sometimes when switching to a newlayout (via a scripted button)--

all formatting disappears-

see attached images.

(also noticed that it also happens on webdirect via a desktop browser)

anyone have ideas?

thank you!


with correct formatting:




all formatting suddenly missing:



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Mike Duncan    13

What browser are you using? And what version of FM Server is serving webd?


This page states that only Chrome 48 minimum on Android 5.x and 6.x is supported. Your device also needs to meet minimum requirements for RAM, processor.


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Posted (edited)

Thanks MIke!


I am using FM Server 15 and browser is Chrome  v.57 on desktop and Airwatch browser (for instant VPN connection on a secure network) on a Samsung G6 running Android 6.0.


same problem with both desktop and android-- formatting randomly disappears- always fine at first load then when changing layouts-- sometimes all formatting is gone.

only solution is to re-login.


any help would be most appreciated.

Edited by Jonathan Ackerman

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DaMayan    1

I've seen this happen from time to time. It seems to be intermittent happening when performance is low.

Have you made sure you saved all your custom styles to the theme?
Optimizing the layouts, tables and server seem to help.

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