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Tony Morosco

Recovery and reopening of FM7 files

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I'm a botanist, and the tables I am working with are for tracking botanical garden collections. The data represents plants in the garden, and the plants are tagged and show up in the database.  The tables I am working with were created in FMP 7, and I'd like to open them up in FMP 11 (or later.)  The system hasn't been used in years, but still has valuable information.

One of the tables is giving me problems using the FMP convert and recover commands.

These tables are all inter-related.  The main table is the Accessions table, which contains records for all of one kind of plant, from the same source, received on the same date.  It is basically a museum standard.

The other tables are related to each other through this one main table.  The Species table is related to the locations table through the Accessions table. 
(i.e.  table A relates to table C through the table B, the intermediary)  
From the Locations table, we can't see the the species information unless the accessions table is present.

When issuing the open command on the main table to convert the database to FMP 11, I get the message:

 "Accessions.fmp7" is damaged and cannot be opened.  Use the Recover command to recover this file.

When using the Recover command from v. 11, I get another message:

WARNING: problems were detected while recovering the database.  Please review the Recover.log file to see where problems were found and their severity.  The recovered file should NOT be used going forward; copy only the most recent work from it into a backup copy of the original file.
Recovery results:
  File blocks: scanned and rebuilt 563 blocks, dropped 214 invalid data blocks.
  Schema: scanned fields and tables, 1 items modified
  Structure: scanned; 1 items modified
  Field indexes: rebuilt


Opening the recovered database, there are only three records present.  There should be hundreds.  So obviously I am looking on how to wrangle this database open.

I've attached the log file here, as well as the database structure map.  

The other files have converted just fine.  But since the main table won't open, we are kind of stuck.
I can share the files with you through Dropbox or whatever, if needed.

Please let me know any thoughts you have, either basic or advanced.  And ask for any clarifications or additional questions.   :-)  




Database relationships.PNG

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Clearly the file was damaged and in order to make it open FM had to delete large chunks of the corrupted file.  In this case that were data blocks.

Nothing much that can be done with it.  You can try to recover with different versions of FM.  You can try to recover on Mac and on Windows.  Those are all long shots but you never know.

What it really points to is that the file was used in a manner that led to this corruption.  Very often that is because of OS-level file sharing, AV scanning,...  If you have other FM files in use, carefully scrutenize your deployment to make sure you minimize the risk that other files will get damaged.

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