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Customisation using Color Picker

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Hi Guys,

I've tried a few times too no avail to figure out a way to set the colour of some background objects within my db.

Basically, I'm setting things up with a default color scheme, but would like to be able to customise the scheme based on the clients preferences.  As I work primarily with Sports Organisations, they all have specific colours that they utilise, and it would be easier and far less time consuming for me if I could select a few colours (primary, secondary, tertiary colors) to allow for much quicker customisation of the db instead of going through the whole system and changing every single Object Style.

My preference would be to use HEX colours, but my issue is I haven't been able to figure out how to set things up so that the system will display the colors after I set the HEX code.

I don't want the end users to be able to edit it, but I want to save myself time in deploying the solution.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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There are several articles on this topic that were were posted when FileMaker 14 was released. 

You might read through what was posted here earlier, but here are some links that have videos. I just did a quick search using Google for this, Themes and Styles in FileMaker 14 which should get you going.

If you are a subscriber to ISO Magazine, I have found this article very helpful https://www.filemakermagazine.com/videos/retheming-solutions

There are several videos on youtube you might find helpful too filemaker videos youtube themes and styles

Ask your question about user access to making changes to layouts in the Security Topic.


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