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Run Scribe on Server without Word/Excel install?

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I use Scribe to generate a Word and Excel document for a biweekly report. The template documents are saved within container fields in the relevant database, and are exported to a location on the client hard drive for reading/writing via Scribe. 

I have been contemplating migrating our Scribe plugin onto our FM server instead of my client, which would alleviate a few rare but pesky problems. Generated Word or Excel documents would be treated the same way, with the additional step of  just emailing the final files to myself via SMTP.

But our server (Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise VM) currently does not have Word or Excel installed. Perhaps this is a dumb question, but do those programs need to be installed on that server in order for Scribe to be able to read and/or write to .docx or .xlsx files? 

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That's great, thanks for the quick response!

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