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SOAP/XML Client side certificate integration

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laurentades    0

I am working on a project which requires me to make SOAP calls from FileMaker.

I have successfully done that in the past thanks to ScriptMaster ability to handle that. It works beautifully.

The new project now requires me to include a client certificate - issues by the SOAP API provider - in each requests. The documentation on their side is fairly scarce ("Install the certificate on your host" !).

I have no idea how to handle that but something tells me that there is no reason why it would not be possible to "include" the certificate in the Groovy bit of the plugin...

Any idea anyone ?


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john renfrew    29

That doesn't actually help the user find the answer to his question, it answers a different one, and there are reasons for wanting this one answered.

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laurentades    0

Thanks for your answers.

I can't really make much sense of those 2 links pointing to what seems to be native java (not my league at all).

The MBS documentation happens to be word for word what I am trying to achieve (Apple GSX!). Therefore, looks like this one is a winner, not to mention that it allowed me to actually understand how client certificate works in a https request. However the MBS plugin is another  additional cost.

Ideally i would like to get to the point where i can integrate the same logics in the ScriptMaster "Post XML Data" module using SOAP (Hey, that's the 360Works ScriptMaster section of this forum...!), which basically appears to boil down to using the right cURL options...

Anyone knows how to set cURL options in this module ?


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