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Drag & Drop onto a container field not working from Adobe

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I've got a global container field that is used so users can drag and drop whatever file to store into our document management system. It's used more as a staging object so the scripting can pull metadata from the file and act accordingly. hence the global storage.

Using OS X, a user can drag a single page from the thumbnail area of Adobe Acrobat/Reader onto the layout object and it processes the single page PDF as it should.  But the same procedure under a Window environment does not insert the PDF into the contain.  When they left hover the thumbnail over the container object, it shows the plus icon as it should.  They can drag the thumbnail to the desktop and that works fine to save it as a single page file.  They can drag any file from the desktop (or any directory) to the container, and that works fine.  Just not from the thumbnail frame of Adobe.  

Is there something that I'm missing and/or need to do to make this work under Windows?  This might be an issue with Adobe and not FileMaker, but I don't have any way of knowing for certain at this time.

FMPA15.03, Windows 10, Adobe Pro 11.

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