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Thumbnails in container fields displaying different when migrated to a new server

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Has anyone had the following issue and might have a quick fix.
I migrated client files from FM Server 13 residing on Mac Server to FM Server 14 residing on Windows Server. All went very well except one thing, which i would be grateful if someone could help me on.
- The client had his files hosted on OX platform and with FileMaker 13 Server.
- There is a container field in the records that would contain pdf files, these are 1 or more pages document files.
- When the user dragged the file into the container field it would display as page thumbnail BOTH on Mac and Windows.
- files still display thumbnails when dragged on MAC
- the files are displaying FILE ICON when dragged into the container on WINDOWS.
Tech boards are suggesting that Windows can not insert the file as picture into the FM container field, but there it happened before.
Does anyone have any isight on this behaviour, is it documented anywhere?
Thank you

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Thank you Wim, this was a very useful read. It does not give an easy way but at least it points and tests the inconsistency of container field behaviour on Mac vs Windows over the FM versions (13,14,15) and depending on the way the pdf files are imported in the containers.

The worst is that this highly buggy behaviour produced the thumbnail somehow on a PC when the files where hosted on Apple Server and FM Server 13, so users got used to it and want their buggy functionality back!

I will try "imagewin:/" suggestion as well, look into a couple of plugins perhaps and report here how it worked.


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"imagewin:/" is giving an Error 3 - Command is unavailable (for example, wrong operating system or model)

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