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I need sunglasses for FMP 16

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Miron    2

Is it me or is something wrong?

It seems FMP 16 has gone the Albino design route of Office 2013.

All white, NO contrast whatsoever in the status toolbar  (at least in windows 10).

No option for a darker interface.

How on earth could they do this? Did they do this on the Mac also? (My guess is too much design aesthetics in the Mac world to allow this.

Heck even Microsoft gave a darker interface in 2016.

Whoever did this, should be fired. Go to work with the windows 8 guy somewhere far away....




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Lee Smith    147

Have you tried styles and themes?

With these two design tools, you can create some amazing looking layouts. 

Your profile shows version 12 (which was a PIA) to modify themes, are you still using it, or have you upgraded? If you are using 14 or 15, you can do some amazing things now in FileMaker. FYI, I start my themes using the Minimalist Style,  and create custom themes from them.


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Miron    2

HI Lee,

My bad, I haven't updated my profile. I"m using v15

I'm referring to the status toolbar. As far as I know, themes don't touch core FMP Elements.

Funny, in layout mode, there is some color added to the formatting toolbar.

Go figure...

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