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MirrorSync 3.17 Config Copy Scripts Step: fails with java.lang.NullPointer.Exception

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Installed mirrorsync 3.17 build 9239 on a Linux machine, connected to FMS 12 on Mac OS X using XML.


All is well until I start to setup my first initial sync job. I copied and pasted the MirrorSync Table just fine. But then, the copy scripts step throws a java.lang.NullPointer.Exception error. 


Just out of curiosity, the third step - of copying the mirrorsync Layout would also work fine, but I'm not going there until I got the copy scripts step done. 


I realize it's convenient to click a button and have them in your clipboard, but at this rate, even a manual .txt version of the required scripts would at least allow me to manually copy these scripts...


Any advice?


Thank you! 

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 7.08.19 PM.png

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Please submit a bug report by going to your MirrorSync launch page at http://youripserveraddress/MirrorSync then click on the link "Send problem report and log files"

Thank you.

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