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supercontainer windows server webdirect won't show

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I installed supercontainer on my Windows server at aws Amazon. I also installed the companion plug-in. It shows up on Filemaker Pro no problem. But it doesn't show on webdirect. Any idea?

Here is my configuration:
- FMS 15, Windows 2016 server. 
- SuperContainer 2.94, build 9234.
- I have the companion plugin put inside "..\FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\publishing-engine\cwpc\Plugins".
- The plug-in I use is "SuperContainer_Companion_Plugin.fmx64".


P.S.: I will send an email to 360works. But just want to post it here so we can all share the solution. Thanks.

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11 hours ago, Keawe said:

- FMS 15, Windows 2016 server. 

Not supported!  Only FMS16 runs on 2016 Server and I'm pretty sure there are valid (IIS) reasons why it is not supported.

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Solved it!! I didn't set my x-frame properly to allow webdirect to show the supercontainer in iframe.

If you run into the same problem, please go to your IIS config and set the iframe to ALLOW-FROM http://yourfilemakerserverhostIP/

It is secure since you are only allowing iframing from yourself.

That will do it. Hope you find this solution useful and don't have to pull your hair out like I did. :)

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