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Richard Fincher

Filemaker Server 13 -> 14 upgrade, Java

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Hi all,


I recently upgraded my Filemaker Server 13 to Filemaker Server 14.

To get the new version to install, I had to downgrade my Java8 from u113 to u67 (separately installing the old Java version, not allowing the FMS installer to install Java itself).  I also had to fiddle around to make sure it was running the httpd which comes with FMS and not the one bundled with Mac OS X El Capitan.

My question is, am I now save to upgrade Java back to the latest version.  I'm not anticipating needing to install FMS14 anytime soon, but does the "Deployment" part of FMS use Java, and if so, is it similar fussy about which version?

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Updating java past the versions supported by each FMS updater has traditionally been a recipe for disaster.  I wouldn't do it.  Obviously it is not ideal from a security point but that can be mitigated by keeping the FMS box dedicated and isolated from the internet as much as possible.

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Thanks for this.  Its behind a ASA Firewall, the admin ports IP restricted (16000)



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