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Go to Related Record in Portal broken

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Hi...I have created a database using a "modified" anchor buoy method and so far everything works great...but...I have a portal in a "join table" that works fine...however, my button that is supposed to open the record in the portal row does not function...it returns nothing. The records are indeed related (see RG) as the fields show up from the related table without relational conflicts, but this button that is supposed to open the "library" table with the related record pulled up simply does nothing. 

I have attached the DB. Also a screen shot of the table where the portal is (it is actually a join table layout, this may be the problem). I don't understand how the button (with the little arrow) does not go to the table that the actual portal record, which IS related because I see it show up on the portal row...what is not right here?



Relation error.png

Hayen RG.png

**MusicalAmericaPRESUB copy.fmp12

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Hi there, the link to the file doesn't work, can you try again please?


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Wow...first of all, for some odd reason I sent a file that had the wrong relationship set up...which obviously didn't work...but the "right one" didn't work either...

I have to ask...the relationship I tried to set up for the "Go to Related Record" was to get to the music library table (the TO) NOT to go to the Join table with a field put on the table from the music library table.  Why is your way the only way to make it work, and in all of my other "Go to Related Record" arrows in other portals I go to the table itself that has the record I want...I know this doesn't make sense...

Look at the attached screen shot...why can't I go from the T03a_JMC_join_jmc|musiclibrary portal directly to T03aJT_JMC_musiclibrary with its appropriate layout (Music Library)...?? I would like to know the logic I am missing here.

From a practical point of view...I need the arrow to go to the related record in the music library table with the music library layout. I think you will say "well, that isn't the table that the portal is related to"...but isn't the T03aJT JMC musiclibrary table related to the T03a JMC join jmc|musiclibrary table (which is the portal)? Sorry...I am relatively new to this...

Also, it seems in other tables where I have portals I can do this sort of relationship. I need that arrow in the portal to go to the table that the music library record is actually in, not the join table that links it to the contact table...

Hope this makes sense...and thank you!!


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 3.09.24 PM.png

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Auraboros said:

why can't I go from the T03a_JMC_join_jmc|musiclibrary portal directly to T03aJT_JMC_musiclibrary with its appropriate layout (Music Library)...??

If you look at that layout, there are no foreign keys populated.  Your T03a_JMC_join_jmc|musiclibrary is a join table.  So T03aJT_JMC_musiclibrary is another occurrence of Music Library.  They should be joined 'many' (T03a_JMC_join_jmc|musiclibrary) to 'one' (T03aJT_JMC_musiclibrary)-the opposite way you have it.

Is this right?

Edit:  Modifications to GTRR button, relationship and value list

Note:  It's still not 'right' but are we on the right path?


Edited by Steve Martino

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Yes...the arrow in the portal now goes to the correct table and layout. The way you contend is correct still has the arrow going to the join table layout, which is not where I want it to go.

I am not familiar with all of this enough to see the logic error. I AM trying to do something that may either be impossible to do, or the way I have attempted to do it faulty.

Contact > Market Event | Contact Join Table > Market Event (many events to many contacts)

I also want the Market Event Join Table to have this relationship:

Market Event Join Table > Market Event | Music List Join Table > Music List (many music pieces to many event join table records)

Weird...but makes sense...

Contacts are linked to events, which are email mailings that have links on them to pieces of music. I am trying to track each piece of music a contact clicks on in an email mailing (market event). The Market Event | Contact Join Table links Contacts to Marketing Events. Then, with each of these individual links, I want to see what pieces of music that contact clicked on in the email. I thought the only way to track this would be to have a portal in the Market Events | Contacts Join table...so far, all of this seemed to work fine in the RG. But then I want the usual "go to related record" in that portal in the Join Table that takes the user directly to the music piece (Music Library layout and records)...here other information about the piece of music will be kept...does this work??

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I'm not sure why you say the T03aJT_JMC_musiclibrary cannot be the "one" and T03a_JMC_join_jmc|musiclibrary be the "many"...?? (I need to learn this stuff, I am just confused). T03a_JMC is a join table...joining another join table (T03_Join Music|Contacts (truncated to JMC). I am probably hopelessly confused...

The way you set this up the first time does work. (see screen shot). I think I was confused that these tables needed foreign and parent keys...the music library table doesn't need a foreign key because it isn't a child to any parent table...the join table is always foreign keys because it simply links to parent keys...I had the relationship backwards, like you said, and tried to create a parent key in a join table, which made no sense. Is that what I did?

Thank you! I think this solves it...NOW...I need to also relate the music library to invoices! But that comes later! I'll be back!!!!


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 7.26.41 PM.png

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