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Fred Rogers

Numbering Paragraphs

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I am trying to add a feature to number the paragraphs in a text field. 

Has anyone dose this before?



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Numbering paragraphs is not very difficult - see: 

The real problem is renumbering the paragraphs when the text is edited. You could use a calculation field to display the numbered paragraphs, and edit the original text if and when necessary. Or you could get more ambitious and have the custom function remove the existing numbering and number the paragraphs anew - see:

Consider also the option of keeping the paragraphs as separate records in a related table. Then numbering becomes trivial - and perhaps other things may become simpler too.


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Thank you! You are absolutely correct, the issue will be when the user wants to add a paragraph in the middle of the document. 

I think I will play around with an interface to break every paragraph in to a separate record. 



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