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Version 16 improvements that survive the runtime?

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MSPJ    1

Hi - I'm considering upgrading from FMP 14 to FMP 16.  However, my solution depends on a distributed runtime for a commercial solution.  It appears that API improvements are not available in the runtime.  I'm wondering if the window control (cards) and overall windows interface are at least available in the runtime - otherwise, there doesn't seem to be much point in upgrading for me.



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The SDI windows work in 16 runtime.

JSON functions are technical included in the runtime, but disabled, so you can't use them.


On the long run you may want to upgrade users to SBA or FLT.

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Wim Decorte    446

You may consider at least getting FM16 and getting familiar with all the features; because at some point you'll have to switch strategies and when you must, that would be a particularly bad time to have to catch up on what there is...

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MSPJ    1

Thanks for the replies.  Not sure what you meant about having to switch strategies eventually - I assume you mean the deprecated runtime?  If so, I'm assuming I'll eventually have to move away from FMP altogether (Xojo is in the running) since any solution that requires users to have their own FM license is not an option.  (We've discussed this a while back - I know your thoughts Wim.   :)   ). 


RIght now, while I'm still using FMP, I'm trying to determine what I'll get out of an upgrade to 16.  

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Posted (edited)

Made runtime with fm 16 advanced when running pdf output script getting following error  - some one please guide me doesnt the runtime support pdf output Ashampoo_Snap_2017_05.24_08h46m23s_001_.png.77f2a30ab4ab727618a56394afd54210.png

Edited by Dr.Gopala krishnam raju AMBATI

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comment    1,369
6 hours ago, Dr.Gopala krishnam raju AMBATI said:

doesnt the runtime support pdf output 

Read the link in my post above.

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      MBS FileMaker Plugin Website: http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/FileMaker/
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