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Scrolling problems in Windows

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Hi FileMaker people,

I used to use FileMaker on a Mac, but have recently switched to a Windows 10 computer. I was developing a database on the Mac, but since moving to PC I'm getting a lot of horizontal lines, blurred text and broken borders, images and buttons as I scroll. I've attached three screenshots as examples - these are happening on most layouts, most of the time.

The solution is hosted remotely on a Windows 2012 server. I didn't have these problems when I used a Mac, and I've looked at it on a coworker's Mac over the same internet connection and the problem didn't occur. I don't have another Windows machine I can test this on, but I did notice the problem (although it was far less severe) running FileMaker on a Windows virtual machine on my old Mac. I assumed it was a problem with the virtual machine, but it looks like a broader issue.

The customer who will eventually use the solution will run it on Windows machines. At this stage it's so ugly and hard to read I'm not sure we can use it.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Does anyone have any solutions?

Thanks in advance,


filemaker buttons.PNG

FM layout problems1.PNG

FM layout problems2.PNG

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Is this using FMP on Windows or is this WebDirect?

Does it happen on all zoom levels in FM and on all screen resolutions in Windows?

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Hi Wim, thanks for replying.

This is using FMP on Windows.

I haven't tested every resolution/zoom level, but I've tried a few of each and it's happening at each one.

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I would try to confirm the problem using other Windows machines, potentially other Windows OSes to narrow down exactly where the issue is.  Your profile states that you are using FMP14?  Make sure to be on the latest patch.  Also try with 15 or 16.

When you create a new layout on Windows, does it have the same problem?

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Posted (edited)

I vaguely recall similar issues in the past being linked to hardware acceleration setting on the graphics card.


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