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Strange portal link behaviour. Is it a bug?

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Bilbo    0

Hello everyone, :)


I have found a stange behaviour with filemaker. I have two tables linked by a third one. I want to navigate using the portal. But if I use a script on layout exit, then the behaviour is abnormal.

Please have a look at the enclosed database and try normal, then abnormal layout.

Please tell me if you consider that it is a bug or not. If it is a bug, should I report it to Filemaker Inc. and how?


Thanks for your help,


Possible bug.fmp12

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BruceR    152

Not a bug.

You're a novice.

You exit script in the middle of your GTRR action. Don't.

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Wim Decorte    446
2 hours ago, Bilbo said:

Hello everyone, :)


 I want to navigate using the portal. But if I use a script on layout exit, then the behaviour is abnormal.


What you have is two conflicting events that you handle without regard for each other.

You want your OnButtonClick to done one thing but your OnLayoutExit does another thing.  I have the sense that this is a simplified demo so it may not show exactly what you do in your actual solution.

Events fire in a very particular order (see http://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/2015/05/filemaker-14-script-triggers for a really good overview and sandbox file) and a script attached to an event that runs after your intended event can produce a totally unexpected result if not handled properly.

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Bilbo    0

The data base I've built is much more complex, with plugins, java, GDT to control external medical devices, etc... I am an autodicact, but of course not a filemaker professional.

Thank you very much for your clarifications and for the time you took to answer. I had understood the mechanism and as you saw identified the problem, but I was not sure that this was a normal filemaker behaviour, as usually scripts do not interrupt other scripts. Now it is clear ;-))


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