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wattmhite    2

I'm not sure which topic this belongs in but...

I really just wanted to let everyone on these forums know how thankful I am for your support, advice and guidance.

Over the past few years as my small business has grown into a bigger business I've needed filemaker to do more advanced things and as I am not a developer and simply a business owner, I've turned to these forums and to you all and I couldn't have built my database without your help.

From the bottom of my heart thank you so much!!



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LaRetta    478

Hi Matt, it is always nice to hear.  Yes, we give back to those that helped us this same way when we were new.  I STILL seek help here on FMForums regularly and I wouldn't have survived without it.  There are many wonderful folks here willing to spend their valuable time helping others.  Stephen (OceanWest) built a great forum for us!  It's always nice to donate whenever I get the chance which, you've reminded me, it's been awhile since I have.

Again, welcome!

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Lee Smith    145

Thank's are why we do this. :)

I appreciate you letting us know your feelings.


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