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Joel Shapiro

[REMINDER] CWP User Group - Monday at DevCon 2017

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    • By Joel Shapiro
      Hi all
      Come join us at the 11th annual CWP User Group at DevCon: Monday, July 24, 3:30–5:30pm  (before the 6pm opening keynote).
      Do you have something you might like to share with the group?  Please let me know.  We're always looking for new people! 
      Everyone's welcome.  Hope to see you there!
      Joel Shapiro
      FileMaker Pro
      : database design
      : web development
    • By Jason Mundok
      I have a website that is displaying FileMaker data using the PHP API. Is there a way for the web site to display the basic text formatting from a FileMaker field? For example, a few words in the comments field are bold in FileMaker and I would like them to also be bold on the website. Thanks for any ideas.
    • By Dean Suhr
      Greetings - I got my start with CWP using FMwebstudio as the front end library to the FileMaker API (Dreamweaver).  That library is no longer maintained.  
      One of  very cool things about that library was a dynamic field capability, fmsLiveInputField, where the changes you made in a web page were updated into the database in real time.  I used it for event registration where the total attending and fees due automatically updated.  
      I'd like to replicate this functionality ... display the total due, a show a few other live calculations.  I prefer a PHP solution but realize javascript might be a better approach these days.  I'm not a javascript guru so your help pointing me in the right direction would be helpful. And I do not want to use WebDirect due to the public pacing nature of this site and unpredictability in users active. 

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