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Create or edit portal record using card window

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TJ53    3

I guess people are using a similar technique for creating and editing portal records after the new FM16 card window feature, any posts or links about this?

In any case, this is how I'm doing it (sample attached) ... any feedback appreciated!

Create or edit portal records.fmp12

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Fitch    148

Looks good. Nice job handling the Commit.

One thing you might consider is using GTRR to open the card window rather than Open + Find.

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TJ53    3

Thank you! the exit script (false) on record commit script trigger comes handy for this situation.

Thank you for the tip about GTRR, I was thinking on a situation where the portal record needs to created or updated from different contexts.

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      2. GraphicsTable
      in a VisitTable layout, i have one or two portals related to the GraphicsTable, each related by a different factor.  One portal would be related by a Date field, the other would be a ClientName field..
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      My only thought has been to give up on working *IN* Visits, but creating a separate table ("Combiner"), and in Combiner, hold all Visits and Prescription data.
      Could I also have a Combiner table that's simply an active "calculation" table, where these two tables are 'looked up' on an as-needed basis, combined, and fed into Visits via a portal? (so it's not actually held data, but is looked up as needed)
      what's the preferred method?
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      This is my first time posting, and I apologize if this is the wrong place. I've only been filemakering for a few months, so again, apologies if this is a stupid problem.
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      Please let me know if I need to provide any more information and/or images.
      Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer!
    • By Auraboros
      Hi...I have created a database using a "modified" anchor buoy method and so far everything works great...but...I have a portal in a "join table" that works fine...however, my button that is supposed to open the record in the portal row does not function...it returns nothing. The records are indeed related (see RG) as the fields show up from the related table without relational conflicts, but this button that is supposed to open the "library" table with the related record pulled up simply does nothing. 
      I have attached the DB. Also a screen shot of the table where the portal is (it is actually a join table layout, this may be the problem). I don't understand how the button (with the little arrow) does not go to the table that the actual portal record, which IS related because I see it show up on the portal row...what is not right here?

      **MusicalAmericaPRESUB copy.fmp12

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