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I am currently using QuickBooks online.   I have two years of data in quick books online, that I would like to import into FileMaker.  Once done I will be canceling Quickbooks online. So my challenge is to get all my data from QuickBooks and imported into my invoice solution.

So QuickBooks says they will let you download your data, but it comes as QBXML file, which I can't seem to figure a way to import and have all the things I need.


Any suggestions.




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I presume QBXML is an XML file (there is very little one can learn about it by Googling it or 'quickbooks xml'). If so, you can import it as you would any XML file - with the help of an XSLT stylesheet to transform the document into Filemaker's own FMPXMLRESULT grammar. I am afraid that without seeing an example of the input file or its schema that's about all I can say.



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