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mbarrett65    0

I just installed Filemaker Server 16 on a server with 4GB of RAM; it seems to be running fine. However, in reviewing FMS16 documentation, I see that the minimum specs for RAM is 8GB. How concerned should I be about this?


Thanks for any comments.

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Mike Duncan    14

Is this a production server? If so, I would up the ram to the minimum, at least. I have seen where the server seems to run OK for a while, but then exhibits issues after days/couple weeks and getting the proper amount of RAM and processor clears it up. I have a feeling there is a certain amount required to help with caching and swap space, no matter what size solution you are hosting.

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mbarrett65    0

Mike, thanks for your response. It is the server that users are accessing, so I would call it a production server. 

Thanks again,


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      I'm having multiple connection issues with FileMaker Server 16 running on a Windows 2016 VMWare server.
      Background: I had my solutions running on a virtual server hosted with FMS 15. I started to have problems with overnight scripts not running and random slowness. My VMWare vendor suggested moving FileMaker to a new virtual server. I figured as long as I was moving I might as well upgrade to FMS 16. That process was completed yesterday. The old server was called Bloodgood and the new one is Bonsai.
      I'm still having problems with my overnight scripts running and I think they're related to additional problems I'm having. I have a SSL certificate for the server. When I log into a database using FMPA 16 on the server, I get repeated errors that "the connection to fm.willowaynurseries.com:5003" is not encypted". I'll check off the box to always permit connection and hit the connect button and the lock will turn green. After a bit (seconds to minutes) the lock will turn orange and I'll get the connection message again. It is noteworthy that the SSL cert is ties to willowaynurseries.com and when the server was on Bloodgood if I tried to connect using the Remote button and let it find the local.Bloodgood server over the network I would get the connection error message but it didn't specify a port and once I told it to allow the connection I'd have no further problems.
      Also, if I open one of the overnight scripts, it shows that same message but also shows that scripts referenced in other databases are "unknown" (see attached). As I scroll through the script it will also pop up an "open file" dialogue box, but won't tell me what file it is trying to open.
      Even more oddly, none of this happens if I'm using FMPA 16 on my computer. Only if I use it on the server.
      Does anybody have any idea what might be happening or how to troubleshoot/resolve?

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      Hello -
      We recently upgraded to FileMaker Server 16. We use the JDBC driver to access our databases via the RJDBC package in R. Since our upgrade, however, connections are refused by the server. Has anyone else had this experience, or any ideas to test or narrow down the problem?
      More facts:
      FMS version latest version of fmjdbc.jar Java v8 update 131 We can connect to databases on a separate FMS 14 server successfully We had no problems connecting to databases when we were using FMS 15 ODBC/JDBC is enabled on the server admin console and in the database we want to access for the user account we are using We thought this might be related to an SSL certificate issue, but we resolved that issue and also tested with SSL off on the server and got the same problem (connection refused) Questions:
      Are you successfully using JDBC to connect to databases on FMS 16? If so, did you have any trouble after upgrade? I would like to find out if this is an FMS 16 problem or a specific problem with something on our server. Does anyone know of some test database on an FMS 16 server that would allow JDBC access? What else can we try to narrow down the problem? Thanks!
    • By Productive Computing, Inc.
      San Diego, CA - May 17, 2017 - Productive Computing, Inc., a Platinum member of the FileMaker® Business Alliance, announces FileMaker Server 16 compatibility - Productive Computing's three dedicated hosting plans now support FileMaker Server 15 - 16.
      New with FileMaker Server 16, users can now have up to 500 FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect connections, as well as up to 2,000 Custom Web Publishing requests and 1,000 FileMaker Data API calls.
      "We are excited about the increased number of connections and calls allowed with FileMaker Server 16 – this increase makes it easier for clients to scale their solutions as their companies evolve. FileMaker Server 16 is more efficient and robust than previous versions and with these additional features, comes an increase in the minimum system requirements for each server.

      To better serve our FileMaker Server 15 and 16 dedicated hosting clients and ensure that they are able to capitalize on the new features and scalability of FileMaker Server 16, we have increased the offerings of our Small Team plan. This plan now comes with 8GB of RAM, doubling the original size of 4GB. Clients can now get up and running with the latest technologies on their own dedicated server for $149/mo." Marc Larochelle, Chief Executive Officer, Productive Computing, Inc.
      New to FileMaker Server 16:  
      FileMaker Data API Trial: Use FileMaker data in other services and applications with REST-based FileMaker Data API (trails end on September 27, 2018). Tableau Web Data Connector for FileMaker: Tableau makes it easier to visualize FileMaker Data. The connector is a FileMaker Data API that provides integration with Tableau Desktop. PDF Support: Ability to save PDFs using FileMaker Server and FileMaker WebDirect. OAuth 2.0 Support for Accounts: With OAuth 2.0, users can simplify their credential management by specifying third-party authentication providers. "We offer three dedicated hosting plans that have been carefully crafted to fit a wide range of user needs and budgets. Our plans allow users to host their solutions in a secure environment while taking advantage of the benefits of FileMaker Server 16 – all with the peace of mind and convenience of having our experienced and certified professionals manage and monitor their server."  Rachel Castillo, Products Manager, Productive Computing, Inc.
      Every Dedicated Hosting plan includes:
      Free personalized setup Fully managed dedicated server SSL Certificate FileMaker Server Admin Console access Unlimited users Regular automatic backups Dropbox availability Access to FileMaker certified developers for assistance and questions Secure uploads, downloads and connections PHP/ CWP/ ODBC/ JDBC/ XML access Upload speeds of up to 100 MB/s Clients can bring their own FileMaker Server license or purchase a license from Productive Computing at a discount. For more information, please visit www.filemakerhostingservice.com or call 760-510-1200.
    • By Ken d'Oronzio
      FREE fmREST.php – Simplifies & manages PHP connections to FileMaker 16’s REST-based Data API.
      The newly released FileMaker Server 16 now offers REST access to your FileMaker databases. There’s more about that how this impacts PHP developers here.
      The bottom line is that to use REST as part of your PHP solution, you would usually need to write a series of cURL functions and you would have to manually manage connecting & disconnecting from your server, and saving your tokens.
      This is a pain!
      We know it’s a pain, because we have spent the last several weeks rolling REST functionality into soSIMPLE Calendar.
      We created this class file to make it easier to manage dynamic REST sessions for soSIMPLE and our custom development. The goal of the class file was to help PHP developers start using the new REST engine as quickly and easily as possible.
      We’ll also be updating it with new features. If you’d like to add something to it, please let us know.
      What fmREST.php does:
      Makes every REST call available as a PHP function. Automatically login into FileMaker Server whenever you call any REST functions Saves your token for 15 minutes to reuse Checks for a broken or disconnected token and automatically reconnects and runs your function again Where do I get it?
      You can download the fmREST class file here.

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