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Oliver Reid

Simple Way to Create Location Map from FM data

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Oliver Reid    0

I have table with list of addresses. I need simple way to show, visually how they are clustered geographically - ideally one map location "Dot" for each address.


Any suggestions - would like to display result on demand in a web viewer

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    • By hutcheedingo
      I'm trying in vein to incorporate google map directions into Tim Dietrich's EasyMaps, and have tried about a dozen or more methods, none of which seem to work.
      Basically, I work with a not-for-profit that buses minors home after some after school activities, that typically finish around 11pm.  To make life easy for the bus driver, I'm hoping to be able to generate the map with directions, and then email it directly to the bus driver, who opens it up on his smart phone, and follows the directions.
      As I said, I've tried a number of methods, and none of them are working for me.  Being a not for profit, spending on operations like Seedcode's ProMaps is out of the question due to cost.
      Has anyone, or does anyone know how to modify EasyMaps so that it will be able to give me directions, and then send those directions to another person?
      at the very least, we'd like to be able to send map with multiple points across, but everything would be ideal.
      Appreciate the help.
    • By Mike Duncan
      Would it be helpful to display driving directions for point A to point B right in your solution?

      This is a solution that demonstrates how to utilize the web viewer to display a dynamic, interactive map (powered by Google's map API) that you can easily implement in your FileMaker Pro databases.

      And we are making it available for FREE!

      Our Driving Directions for FileMaker Pro is a solutions that automatically builds an elegant but functional map with directions for your solution. Along with other features to speed development and lower total costs when developing and maintaining a solution, this allows you to save your development time for the Real Work!

      You can get it for free at:


      We show how to use a page hosted on our servers to display results in a simple database. You can use the same page to display results in your solution.

      This demonstration also uses our Navigation Framework, which you can also download from our site, to provide quick navigation through the layouts included in this solution.
    • By bcolburn
      Hello all,

      I moved a folder and all of my container fields now show error messages because they map to the older folder location and not he new one. I found this amazingly inspiring solution online:


      Unfortunately, when I get to the last part, the ImagePath field I created is grayed out, so I cannot equate it to File Name for the import. Does anyone have any ideas why that might be? The images are all PDF documents imported as Quicktime. I don't know if that matters, but I have a feeling it might. Anyone able to help?


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