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I am working with the Content Management template to create music catalog. Using the GetContainerAttribute to load the metadata from an mp3 or m4a works great. However it does not work with .aif or .wav files. These files have exactly the same metadata when imported into iTunes, but FMP does not recognize them. In fact if you convert an aif to an mp3 (from iTunes) then import the mp3 into FMP it works just fine, but the aif imported directly does not. The catalog is going to be a mixture of all four formats, so converting them all is not going to be a workable solution. Does any one have any experience with a workaround to try to extract the metadata? 

Thanks, David

12 Click Bait (MAIN).mp3


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    • By ddinisco
      I don't see anyway to scrub an audio file like an mp4 or 3 when placed into a container field. It works great if the content is a quicktime movie. It also does not display the time of location in the track (i.e. skip to :37).
      Any way to make this work or work around?
    • By sgtpeppas
      Here's a quick screenshot...

      As you can see in my floating window I have an interactive container field with an mp3 loaded. Plays fine, but for some reason the audio scrubber isn't displaying. Anyone have any initial thoughts about how to remedy this?
      FMP 14.0.6
      Happening on two different Macs:
      Macbook Pro 2011
      El Capitain 10.11.6
      2Ghz Intel i7
      iMac 2009
      El Capitain 10.11.6
      2.66Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo

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