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Tony Rod

Independent Contact Field in Invoices Module

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Hi everyone,

I'm using Fm Starting Point 4.6.6.b for a personal project but I don't know if you can help me with some problem I have right now.

In the Invoices module, there's a field for Contact info (Contact_Name) where you can search for a specific contact just clicking on the lens button and when you found the desire contact, the Biil To and Ship To tabs are updated with contact information. So I duplicate the Contact field, copy the buttons and rename it to Contact Ship and also I modify all the scripst for Contact (Contact_Name) update Bill To tab, and Contact Ship updates Ship To tab, and here is the problem; every time I choose a contact name in either of the two contact fields (Contact or Contact Ship), automatically puts me the same contact name in both fields  (Contact an Contact Ship).

What I need is that If in Contact field I choose Morgan Vinshire, and in Contact Ship I choose John Smith, those names remain in their respective fields and not like now that if I choose Morgan first as a Contact and then I choose John Smith for Contact, then Contact with the first name (Morgan) change for John Smith.

I know this is difficult to explain and also confusing but I hope yoy understand what I mean.

 Is there any solution to this problem?

Thank you in advance.

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In order for those fields to work the way they do, a relationship must be formed to the Contacts module for each separate Contact you are trying to relate.

Additionally, each Contact you are trying to relate must have it's own ID field that relates back to the Contacts table.

So you will need a (ID_Contact_Shipping) and a (ID_Contact_Billing) in addition to the (ID_Contact) field that exists.

Those two new fields will need to be related from Invoices to Contacts.


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Jonathan Hogle

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