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Securing FM XML API requests

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Hi, I've just upgraded to Filemaker Server 16 and installed an SSL certificate for client/server communications. However, I am confused by the documentation when it comes to communication between the Server and the Filemaker XML API. We're currently making these calls from another server over http, and would like to ensure they are secure.

I've attempted changing these requests to be over https but this seems to fail - I haven't investigated where exactly (if it's a limitation of the PyFilemaker Python library we're using or the fact that the connection is not actually secure).

Would enabling it for clients also provide security on the API side? Could anyone provide some guidance on where I can look for information on this?

Thanks in advance!

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    • By cnschulz
      In an effort to figure out how SSL works with filemaker I have enabled the default SSL cert that comes with filemaker. Unfortunately I am still presented with an SSL error when I connect to the databases hosted on the server (see image). What steps am I missing in order to get this certificate to work? I understand this is a "not for production" certificate however it is in date and valid and we are using it to see how a production installation would be achieved. FM Server 16, FMPro 16 Windows server 2012.
      In order to reproduce the error we:
      1. Enabled SSL on the FM server
      2. Restarted the service
      3. Checked SSL certificate in FM admin console
      4. Connected to server using client

      Any help appreciated. 
    • By cnschulz
      We are running FM server 16 with FM pro 16 and FM Go 16 clients. We have do not use SSL certs as yet. When opening databases on the go client, the user is presented with a dialog stating that the connection is not secure and would they like to proceed. Secondly, programmatic access to the server is failing due to this new error being returned from the first "ping" of the server. I understand this is normal behaviour but obviously we want to get rid of this.
      We need to sign our server. The problem is that it is used on the intranet only and CA's will not sign machines that are not public facing. We will not be making our server public facing.
      What are the best practices surrounding getting this machine certified?
      Any help appreciated.
    • By bennyj710
      I have just created an e-commerce site and is it required to encrypt SSL certificate to it. Are there any free options for it?
    • By Jay
      I've done a search in this forum for "SSL" and it returns no result. So I'll start this thread:
      Has anyone posted a step by step guideline on how to implement SSL for FileMaker Server? If not, it would be very helpful, at least for me.
      I am familiar with generating the request from the FileMaker Server Admin Console. I am familiar with submitting the generated pem key to the GoDaddy service, who then generates a certificate for a price. I am familiar with placing said certificate in the correct folder on the server. However, that's where I leave off. There's some final steps missing, I don't know what they are. But we need to somehow "connect" the domain name we submitted when buying the certificate (www.something.com) , to the actual server we are using (it only has a static IP address), somehow. No idea what those steps would be. Any insight would be appreciated. 
      Thank you
    • By hi-voltage
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