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export container contents of found set

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Hi, new to supercontainer. I have a dataset with over a 100,000 images in a Filemaker container (v16 on FMServer). I am trying to find a method that allows an individual to download images from a found set all at once. I've been able to get a script working within Webdirect but it seems to require selecting a button to download images one at a time which is not convenient to say the least if you have 100 or so in a found set. 

Does supercontainer allow this sort of download?


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If you have Webdirect running, you might also be able to host a PHP file and have it do some work as well. I have some sample files that show how to zip container data and serve it to the end user as one file.

You can download the sample from my github repo here:



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Hi bushidobro,

While you could def do this with SuperContainer companion plugin, it would definitely take some set up as there is no functionality that would do this explicitly. The images would have to be hosted by SuperContainer first then have some kind of field for the record that uniquely identifies the image so that when you looped through the records you could change the URL where the image was hosted so SuperContainer would know what to download. For instance say you have a found set of 5 images with identifying values of 1-5 (super simple). To set this up you would upload those 5 images at http://SERVERIPORHOSTNAME/SuperContainer/Files/Images/1, http://SERVERIPORHOSTNAME/SuperContainer/Files/Images/2, http://SERVERIPORHOSTNAME/SuperContainer/Files/Images/3, http://SERVERIPORHOSTNAME/SuperContainer/Files/Images/4, http://SERVERIPORHOSTNAME/SuperContainer/Files/Images/5. In your script your loop would iterate through the found set and call the function SCDownload ("/Images/"&Images::ImageIdentifier; "LOCATIONWHEREYOUWANTTOSAVE") for each record in the found set.  Since you have 100,000 images, I would also recommend setting of a script that will automate the upload for you as well. The function SCSetContainer uploads a file from a container field to the specified URL on SuperContainer. 

Hope that helps!

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      PROBLEM: I am using a script to export the full size image (jpg) contents of all records for a particular container field. My problem is that they export as images within text files and I need the original unmodified jpg image. Specifically, they export as filetype "TextEdit Document".
      My script uses "Export Field Contents", where I enter the container field followed by a semicolon and $Images. This sends the images to the desktop** just fine, only they are text docs--that's my problem. Note that the script also uses "Get ( DesktopPath )" to name the file, which includes essential details pulled from other fields in the record, such as the record's unique ID. The full script with Loop commands is visible in the attached screenshot.
      So, how can I get the images to export as the jpgs they are? Thank you!!
      **A separate issue if anyone has ideas!: I tried to get them to export to a particular output folder location on my computer, but I always get an error when I do this and try to export, so I stuck with the default $Images which sends them to the Desktop. Manageable but not ideal.

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      In the database I am working with, each of my records has an image container field where I enter .jpg files. I need to export these jpgs. Because there are thousands of records, I don't have time to export them one by one by right-clicking the container and choosing "Export Field Contents".  I need to find a way to batch export the images from this container for all records.
      I found this FM forum that seemed promising: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5822/~/exporting-the-field-contents-of-a-container-field
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      Go to Record/Request/Page [First]
         Set Variable [$filePath; Value: Get ( DesktopPath ) MyPics::Description & ".jpg"]
         Export Field Contents [MyPics::Picture; “$filePath”]  
             Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last]
      End Loop
      This script "works" for me, so I must have done something right, but it only exports the image from the active record. So, either I did something wrong or misunderstood how the script works. I assumed the loop would perform the script for all records from "first" to "last" but it did not.
      Is there anyone out there who perhaps knows what I am doing wrong or knows of a better script I could use to perform this seemingly straightforward operation? I would be very grateful.

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