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Show "hand" for popover button

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Is there a way to show the hand cursor for a popover button? I've a lot of buttons on a layout - one of them a popover button - and I want it to behave like the others.

FM Advanced 14, FM Server 15, macOS High Sierra 10.13.1.

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One thing I have done when I want the popover to open in a spot regular set up won't allow is to do this.

1. Use Hide Object when for the popover button with this formula:  Get(WindowMode)=0 or Get(WindowMode)=1 or Get(WindowMode)=2, and check 'Apply in Find Mode'.  the popover button will only show in Layout mode.

2.  Mimic a popover button with a regular button with the single script step, Go to Object [Open], and check "Show Hand..." .  You can put it right over the popover button, or anywhere on the layout.

3.  Name a field or object in the popover Open.  Usually I just name the field I want to have the focus.

The button will behave like a regular button and open the popover.

Edited by Steve Martino

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Hi Steve.

I normally don't use the Handover option, but I like your suggestions, please do me a favor and check the attachment and see if I got it right per your suggestions.






Edited by Lee Smith
Labeled the different button bars and parts

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Thanks Steve and Lee! I thought there was something I didn't see, but this is the way I've seen as a solultion before. However Lee has put me on the track to change this to how his buttons acts, so now there will be a lot of work to do...:-)

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