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Custom value lists split into 2 value lists due to character limit

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I want to split a custom value list into two lists while keeping my records intact. I used to add new vendors to a custom value list called _vendors_. I have now reached the 30000 character limit. I have managed to solve the 30000 character limit on custom value lists by splitting them into two list (_vendors_A-K and _vendorrs_L-Z) following these steps https://community.filemaker.com/thread/93937. Problem is that since I changed the value list _vendors_ into two new lists the records don't remember their old custom value meaning I would have to change over 4000 records by hand. Is there an easier way to solve this I might have overlooked? Excuse my lack of terminology, I'm new to Filemaker.

I would appreciate any comments or help

Peter Stroh

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Managing that many values using a value list does not sound fun. I'd recommend creating a table for the vendors. You could then create a value list based on the table.

However, it's also not fun to scroll through long value lists. I'd suggest you create a pick list instead. For example:



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