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Please Help match an imported field

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Hi Guys can anyone advise me please with my following problem.

I have a database (FM15) containing a field populated with the following example "AB12343-02-12345"

I want to import a csv using "match existing records" matching only the "AB12343" element of the existing records.

Then a new field is used to store the imported "AB12343" because i don't want to overwrite the completed field of "AB12343-02-12345" if no match exists it will create a new record.

A big thank you for any Guru help on this! 

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OK I can answer my own question now, i created another field to target the import to and I used replace field contents "Left (Design) (7) ) to look up the target data.

This new field then only held the "AB12343" part.. which i could use to update matching records in found set.

If any other newbies have a similar puzzle..

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