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can't find layout icons

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I recently upgraded from FMP 14 to 16.  In layout mode, there was a line of text and icons at the bottom of the window.  I don't see them anymore and can't find an option to view them. The line consisted of a zoom number (typically 100), a minus sign "-", a plus sign "+", an icon, and then another icon, and a mode selector - Layout in layout mode.

I would like to use the second icon which changed the view of the part labels such as "Body" and "Footer".  I would like those labels to be shown at the side and not on top of the part.

Where did this option go?

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I may have stumbled across the answer to my question.  I just read this in the New Features section of the help system:

The zoom control area, which included the zoom controls, status toolbar control, and Mode pop-up menu, has been removed from the bottom left of the document window.

How am I supposed to work on a small field covered up by the part labels?  Other than going back to version 14, of course.  Not cool.

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Yes, the zoom navigation buttons (bottom of the window) were removed in version 16.

There are Keyboard combinations for these zoom levels (go to Menu »» View)

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Thanks Lee.  Now that I've learned that the missing buttons are referred to as 'footer bar buttons', I was able to search for those terms and find the solution I needed.

I found the answer I was looking for at https://filemakerconnect.com/filemaker-16-footer-bar-button-icons-are-gone/.

Quoting that forum:

5. Toggle Layout Part Labels - This button was only visible in Layout mode and was used to toggle the layout part labels from horizontal to vertical.  When displayed horizontally, they make part resizing much easier; grab and drag on the label rather than the fine line that divides the parts.  The ability to toggle the labels is no longer available as a button and is still not in the menu.  However, it can be performed by holding down the Command key (macOS) while clicking on a layout part label.

I tried this out and it worked fine.  I'm all set, and I thank you for your help.

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