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Field Validation causes Freeze

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I have a field which has validation selected to only known values from a value list (populated from a separate field{Names} )

When I enter an invalid value or leave it blank, I get the alert dialog box from the field definition but then the program freezes and I cannot proceed.

Valid values seem to work fine.


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I am using FMP 18 Advanced and Windows 8.1.

Client on Windows 10 does not seem to have the problem

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Double-check the 8.1 updates?

Windows 8.1 Standard Edition
Windows 8.1 Pro Edition
System updates 2919355 and 2999226

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    • By CKonash
      I have been trying to figure this out for weeks and have gotten nowhere.  
      I have a script that ran perfectly fine on server 17 and it also works when run locally on Pro 17 or 18, but it won't complete a perform find function when run on server 18.   I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and might be able to take a look at my script steps to see if I am causing something that isn't viable in server 18 scripting.  
      The Pro or Go client calls a local script called "Send SMS to Server", then the server runs a script called "Send SMS on Server" . Here are screenshots of both scripts that were working on server 17.   
      The script kicks back error 401 for no records found.   
      I really appreciate your time looking at this and hope someone knows right away what the issue is.
      Chris Konash


    • By DataCruncher
      This is driving me nuts. 
      Need to send emails with an attachment from server side script. 
      The attachment path calculates correctly, as far as I can tell. Permissions are 777 (I Know...), but the file still does not attach!
      This is the variable calculation that yields the path: 
      "/Samsung SSD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/"&$filename
      Only problem is: attachments don't attach!
      I have tried every iteration I could think of: 
      "filemac:/Samsung SSD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/"&$filename
      What am I missing here???
      Thank you!! I can't believe I'm the only one who ran into this issue?
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      Hi everyone,
      Can you help me to setup a webwiever to display videos on OSX ? I've search but didn't find the solution.

      Kind regards.
    • By wattmhite
      I have a script that performs a find and returns about 500 records. I am looking to limit this set to the first 5 found records and then perform another script (loop) for these 5 records.
      Is this possible with filemaker?
    • By IdealData
      Hi All
      Apparently FMI knows about this, and their advice is as follows
      The problem for me is I don't have an SSL certificate and am using the in-built FM certificate. I would have thought the in-built certificate would at least let me import from the hosted file, especially as I did this from the desktop of the server.
      The script doing the import has not changed for many years and still runs fine on pre-18 servers.
      Other than purchasing an SSL has anyone get a solution, without resorting to downloading the hosted files and running locally (I'm trying to avoid that step).
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