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Field Validation causes Freeze

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I have a field which has validation selected to only known values from a value list (populated from a separate field{Names} )

When I enter an invalid value or leave it blank, I get the alert dialog box from the field definition but then the program freezes and I cannot proceed.

Valid values seem to work fine.


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I am using FMP 18 Advanced and Windows 8.1.

Client on Windows 10 does not seem to have the problem

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Double-check the 8.1 updates?

Windows 8.1 Standard Edition
Windows 8.1 Pro Edition
System updates 2919355 and 2999226

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    • By Tony Diaz
      This is kind of a unique situation.
      When working with Open Library: You can call for Cover images by creating a URL with the ISBN.. and if the Cover is available, it will show up.
      "http://covers.openlibrary.org/b/isbn/" & ISBN::ISBN_Search  & "-L.jpg" will give you the image in a web viewer.  Literally, the image only, which is actually a different URL that is not really able to be created via calculation. Otherwise a simple Insert From URL would work.
      If I drag that image to a container.. I predictably get the actual URL of the image.
      I want to get that image from the Web Viewer into a Container field with -external- storage.  So I can't paste it, or set field.. 

    • By Neil Scrivener
      Hi Guys, 
      I have a Script running a calculation for a Find. 
      The table is in essence as follows
      Item Percentage Find Field My Script/Calculation is as follows: 
      I have an identical Script with text relating to the item. This works perfectly. 
      For some reason the calculated field isn't. 
      The input for this Find Field is entered as a decimal number (the setting of the the field turn it into a percentage). So if I am looking to find ≥ 10% I would enter .1 into the Find Field. 
      When running the script, I am getting blank, with no matching records - despite the fact I know there are records higher than 10%. 
      Am I doing something obvious wrong? I've also tried Find Field ≥ Percentage, but getting the same result - with no records matched. 
    • By Neil Scrivener
      Hi Guys, 
      I'm back, with some final (hopefully) questions on Reporting. Assuming the Data looks like this:  

      I can create Reports from the Item, Type, etc that's easy. 
      What I'm struggling with is the following: 
      1. Making a Report which is sorted by Type, but only where the Qty is above 0. So where Bread, Cheese and Crackers would be excluded.
      2. Making a Report which shows the 'top 10' owned, and 'bottom 5' owned - based on qty field.
      3. Making a Report which shows me the 'best' month (a) per product and [which month did I have the most of all items] and (b) the same in year. 
      I'd appreciate any help or advice


    • By Neil Scrivener
      Hi Guys, 
      So I am CLOSE to my near final question, until it comes to reports.....yay!
      This is possibly opening a can of worms, but I want to create a Date Calculation. 
      The table will look something as follows: 
      Type  Buy/Sell Date Banana  7 10 April 2020 Apple 10 5 April 2020 Apple -3 9 April 2020 Bananna 4 17 April 2020 Apple 9 14 April 2020 Bananna -4 20 April 2020 Apple 16 30 April 2020 I want to run a calculation to say "How many Apples did I have on Date X?".  The date will come a TimeStamp on another table. 
      The correct answer is of course 32.   
       The same formula for bananas would be 7. 
      So really my questions is, what would I need to go about making a calculation like this? 
      Once this is mastered, I think/hope to have no more questions other than on Reporting!
    • By Neil Scrivener
      Hi All, 
      So my ambitious database is coming on well, and in particular thanks to Comment in this forum!
      I'm on to the final chapter of impossibilities and the current one is below, which I don't really know how to start. 
      So I have a table of information, which has what I would call an 'original' piece of data, a number.  
      Each month, that number gets updated, on a monthly basis, at the end of each month - the idea being that you can see things in a shapshot of the present, and in the past if required. So when you add Record in the Numbers Update Table and select the Company, it replaces the 'old number' with the new number, and on it goes. 
      There would be a Calculation which takes the 'new number' to work out the difference from the original number. 
      In the ordinary course of things, where there are multiple fields in the same table, I'd use a Get List Values calculation - but because the 'new' number is being added each time a Record is created - I'm a bit stumped how to go about this. 
      To give an example of what I'm looking for:
      Numbers Update Table
      Company Month Number Company A March 12 Company A April 3 Company A May 5
      Companies Table
      Company Original Number Particular Month Number Difference Calc Company A 100 as per reference from Record   Company B 200 as per reference from Record    
      So in essence, the Difference calc would show, for Company A in March, 103 in April and so forth. 
      How would I go about this? 
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