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Using mailto

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I've recently switched my clients from accessing my application through FMP to using IWP. Obviously, I had to make changes, and one was that I could no longer use the Send Mail script step.

At first, I used a table that would store all e-mail requests, and a FileMaker "slave" that constantly checked the table for requests, and handled them with a Send Mail script step.

That worked fine, but my client preferred the old way, where it would open up the mail client. So, I switched to mailto. The problem I face now, is the "A script step attempted to open a url, but failed because popup windows are being blocked by your browser" message. Even with all popup blockers being turned off, this message still shows up.

Does anyone know a way to use mailto in IWP without getting this message?

Note: Even with the error message, the mail client still opens up and functions fine; it's just an annoyance I would rather not have.

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I am currently facing this same issue. As old as it is there must be a solution but I cannot seem to find it. I've been to several forums where the question is asked but no answers are given.

Is there a way around this annoyance?

FM10 advanced

WinXP Pro

Outlook 2003

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