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Fred Rogers

Printing a list of records on to a form letter

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Fred Rogers    0

Ok, I am new to FileMaker so please ask any questions if I leave out an important detail.

What I am trying to do is print a letter that has a variable amount of information in it. 

I have a table with clients and a related table with invoices in it. 

What I would like is a letter that has some client information at the top, ie our logo, the date, and the client's mailing address, then a little message about the invoices. Then I would like it to print all the out standing invoices number, date, and description. (all fields in the invoice table) and end with a nice statement with the total number of outstanding invoices and please pay etc. 

I tried making a list layout using the invoice table with all the client info in the header, then the information I wanted in the body, then closing statement in the footer. 

Something like:

Header: Logo, <<client::address>>, dear <<client::fullname>>

Body: Invoice numb:<<Invoice num>>  On <<Date>> work done: <<Description>>

Footer: Nice message with a total and please pay etc

When I run the script to go to related records, do my find and sort by script it looks ok. All the invoices are listed.

But when I print the layout it breaks each invoice record in to a new page. ie


Invoice 1



Invoice 2



How Can I get a print out like looks like:


Invoice 1

Invoice 2


I am so close on getting the letter done. I have the scripts selecting the correct invoices. Now I need to get all the invoices printing in the middle of the header and footer and I will be good. 



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