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Select File Window Hiding Behind Application Window

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hjh888    0

I'm running into a problem with the SuperContainer Companion plug-in where, when I call the SCChooseFile function, the Select File window ends up behind the FileMaker application window.

This was initially reported to me by users accessing a FileMaker published application over Citrix. Because these users don't have access to the desktop or other applications, they get stuck when the window is hidden and the Citrix session has to be forcefully closed.

I recently had the same problem in a different system with users running FileMaker Pro on Windows. One user discovered that she could use Alt+Tab to flip through different windows to bring it to the front. This user also noticed that the problem seemed to occur after navigating away from FileMaker before an upload was finished. Every time she did an upload after that, the pop-up window was behind the FileMaker window, until she exited and reopened FileMaker.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this and if there is a solution to it?



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brian rich    12

I think the problem occurs because the dialog window created by the SCChooseFile function is generated in the operating system and not from within Filemaker. When the window appears, it overlays the Filemaker Window naturally. If the user goes off to do something else (for example to check an email for the name of the file to choose) bringing Filemaker back to the front doesn't bring the dialog window to the front, so the user ends up thinking that Filemaker has crashed.

As we've been unable to find a solution to this, we've had to alert our users to the possibility that this can happen, and that they need to alt-tab to bring the window back to the front.

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ooparah    2

Hey Heather,

This is actually a known issue that we are working to resolve. It seems as though FileMaker Pro client locks up Java file choosers that are created when using the SCChooseFile function. We are looking into this and hopefully a resolution/solution is reached by the next release of SuperContainer.

Brian is correct in this... the best 'workaround' for now would be to forewarn your users and suggest tabbing to bring the window back.


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This problem was apparently fixed back in 2012, but it's come back. I've just updated a client to FileMaker 16. They use Windows 10. They are now having this same problem, which didn't happen with FileMaker 13. This is with SuperContainer plug-in versions 2.899 and 2.9504.



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Hey Lauren,

  I'll alert our developers that this issue has snuck up again. As far as I know, if you need an immediate work-around, our SuperContainer version 2.94 doesn't experience this same hitch and has nearly the same functionality as its successor. If you need to implement something with that working feature now, here's a link to that version download: https://s3.amazonaws.com/com.prosc.store.downloads/360Works+SuperContainer+2_94.zip

  I'll place your e-mail on a list of people to notify once the bug is fixed and we have it packaged in a release.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention,

Junior Perez

360Works Support

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