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Lem Alpha

Server-side "Call Script..." Function

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Hi there,

in a scheduled server-side script, I'm trying to launch another script by specifying its name.

I tried to achieve this by using the CallScriptImmediately function.

The problem is the function returns "ERROR", and in the log I can see :

GRAVE: PluginFunction PluginFunction{name='CallScriptImmediately'} got an error with converted args [my_file_name, Mail Test 02, null]

com.prosc.fmkit.FmScriptException: Error 100: There is no file open named 'my_file_name'

my_file_name is correct, it has been set using Get (FileName).

Am I doing something wrong ?

Win7 / FMS11 / SM 4.122 (I know it's not the last version, but I can't stop the DB server to update it till tonight)

Thanks a lot !

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We really haven't tested this module in the context of FM Server. It sounds like you should be able to use FileMaker's "Perform Script" script step to fire the second script from the initial scheduled script.

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Yup, but my problem was to launch a script by calculated name...

(sorry if this wasn't clear)

So I'll try some other way, thanks for your answer. ;)

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