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Compare two lists and copy values to anoter table

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reynir    0



I am trying to compare two lists in my solution.  Detail description of my problem is in the attached document.


Short description of this problem is that in the table Production_Lot I have two lists, Prod_Measurement_List and Packaging_Measure_ToDo_List


The lists are generated from two portals containing Products_Measurements and Packaging_Measure_ToDo and the items in the lists are identical, like 9Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

8Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).


Then I have the test calculation checking if the patterncount of the product measurement from each portal record of the product_measurements is found in the list Packaging_Measure_ToDo_List and vice versa.


This test evaluates corectly if I compare the product_measurements with the Packaging_Measure_ToDo_list but if I compare the Packaging_Measure_ToDo with the Product_Measure_List then the calculation does not evaluate. Always showing null.


I hope you can undierstand my problem. And please ask if you need further clarifications.




Compare two lists and copy values to another portal.pdf

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Wim Decorte    455

Are you running those patterncounts in a script?  If so you can post the script?  Maybe the context is not correct for the 2nd test.

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