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James Gill

Drag and Drop between two portals

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I am currently working on a file where I would like for users to be able to drag and drop records between two portals.  I am running into a problem with identifying the portal that the user has dragged the information to.  When the user makes a selection for what they want to drag, a script trigger is run that captures the portal row number of the record that they are on.  Then, when the user drops the selected data into a field on the portal, another trigger is run that places the information into the portal.


The problem that I am encountering is that when the user drops the data into the portal, the related record always defaults to the first record of the portal.  I know there are techniques to capture the data's relative position within a portal, but this will not work for me since it relies on the data and the interface to be on the same file and I am running separated data and interface files.


Is there are technique out there that will allow me to do this but is also compatible with a separated data and interface file?

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