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Checkbox problem

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I am working on a database and I have just found a problem with it that I can't seem to fix, as you can see from the image, I have added a portal row to a layout which includes check boxes and I have a send email button at the bottom which run the following script:



Set Field [ Case::chk box; 1 ]

Go to Layout [ “Quote View” (Consultant) ]

Set Variable [ $FilePath; Value: Get ( TemporaryPath ) & "Quote " & Case::Case Number & ".pdf" ]

Save Records as PDF [ File Name: “file:$FilePath”; Current record ]

Send Mail [ Send via E-mail Client; To: Case::Solicitor's Email; Subject: "New Quote: " & Case::Case Number & " "; Message: "Dear " & Case::Company Name & "¶¶" & "Please find the Quote attached "; Attachment: “file:$FilePath” ]

Go to Layout [ “Consultant” (Consultant) ]


now the issue is that if I select any checkbox, always the first row on the portal row is selected and then the email is sent, is there anyway I can modify the script to make it select the row where the check box is selected, I searched around and thought maybe set field would fix it, but it didn't, any help would be greatly appreciated!


sorry posted this is the wrong thread, this was meant to go in managing scripts thread!


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Have you tried using a second copy of the field (Edit) instead of the checkbox to get your value?

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