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Calculated tab label panel

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Is someone used / tested the calculations tab label as calculating layout?

I use them for calculations layout, independent of context while waiting for the labels calculated.
no field and copy paste, a layout to another.

Here are 2 "techniques", the tab label as a calc and the window's UnicVariable for pass text for each windows

Part of the demo can be complicated(?) but you can simplify and adapt the way.

I do not know if this is the right forum or good technique, do not hesitate !

Best regards




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Hi Agnès,


This is the correct Forum, initially, when a new version is released, we use just a few forums for the questions and answers to the new version. Later, after the newness wears off, I go back through the treads and reclassify the threads to the topic areas seem to match the questions such as calculation, scripts, layouts, etc. 


Thank you for sharing,



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