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ScriptMaster compatibility with Filemaker Server 13 on Windows Server platforms

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On a vanilla Windows Server 2012 I first installed the latest version of 32-bit and 64-bit Java 6, on the understanding that ScriptMaster required 32-bit Java to run.


I then installed Filemaker Server 13 which installs Java 7, required to run the server.


On placing the 360Works_ScriptMaster.fmx64 in the Filemaker Server's Extensions folder and restarting the Filemaker Server I was delighted to see the plugin listed, and I was able to enable the ScriptMaster plugin, see attached screenshot.


All good so far BUT when I try to run a server-side script (either in web browser or with Filemaker client) which invokes a Groovy script using ScriptMaster, the cursor turns to busy and after two or three minutes a dialog pops up "The host's capacity was exceeded, try again later." and any subsequent invocations just pop the dialog straight up.


It's as if the server side is unable to instantiate the ScriptMaster "engine" for want of a better word, presumably because it tries but fails to locate/use Java 6.


When I have the same (or equivalent) setup on a Mac server, it works fine - and a simple Groovy script System.getProperty("java.version") reports 1.6.0_065 (the last release of Java 6 on the Mac).


So it appears as if it is not possible to get ScriptMaster working on a Windows platform with Filemaker Server 13.


Has anyone else reported this? Is it a known issue with some sort of workaround?


Finally , what are the plans for upgrading to Java 7 and 64-bit (for server)?


Great product, but I've run into a brick wall on this one: while I can develop with a Mac server, the production deployment (in March) will be on a Windows Server 2012 platform.


Please help!


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Deftex    0

UPDATE: I uninstalled Java 6 and installed latest Java 7 64-bit AND Java 7 32-bit.


Filemaker Server runs fine, but same problem as before with ScriptMaster - in fact worse, it simply displays an hour glass (both Filemaker client and browser) and hangs.

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Deftex    0

For the benefit of anyone encountering this issue I received the following reply from Joe@360Works and the issue has been recognised and is being actively worked on:


"Hi Andy,

We have an update for 360Works plugins coming soon that will remove the need for 32-bit Java in pure 64-bit environments. That is due to a hard-coded Java 6 path in the plugin code that we are correcting.

Unfortunately, the stalling/hanging issue you are seeing is something else entirely. It presents itself when using FMS13 on Windows Server 2012 with 360Works plugins. I do not have an ETA for a fix at this time, but rest assured that we are working on it constantly. I will add you to our email list for when this bug is fixed.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Joe Pampalon
(770) 234-9293"

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