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Issues Converting Text to Hyperlink in HTML Email

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faithfulfox    0

I have 360 Works email configured to send an HTML email.

I seem to be able to format the text okay using FM format.

If I use a hyperlink as http://.... it will make a hyperlink - but even the send email native to FM (12 Advanced) will do that.

If I try to hyperlink text, I am unsuccessful.  Previous posts says to use HTML Tags, but I find it just shows the tags in the email.

Example: " <a href="http://faithfulfox.com">Visit My Website</a>"

It will just reproduct that line as it is typed.


I need directions on how to hyperlink the text.  Thank you.

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    • By Darren Burgess
      Is it possible to get as a return value the HTML code derived from the EmailSetBodyFile function? for example, given the following code, I would like to get the resulting html back. I guess I could extract the html from the file and do the substitutions in using filemaker script steps, however i am wondering if it is possible to do with plugin functions.
      EmailSetBodyFile( $_body_html_file ; 1 ) and
      EmailBodySubstitute( $_preamble_replace_string ; $_body_html ) 
      EmailBodySubstitute( $_signature_replace_string ; $_signature_html )
    • By dunumba
      Hello, I'm working with Email Plug-in 2 and it works fine with fmpro 14, but I have a little question:
      I need to insert a PNG image as signature after the message body, and before the attachments, but I don't know how to make it.
      Thanks for your help,
    • By JohnnyRage
      Hi everyone!
      I'm quite a novice in filemaker compared to many on this forum, but I've been working with it long enough now to have a pretty good hang of how to make it work for me.  My problem is as such:
      My solution needs to create an HTML email when I click a scripted button in the database solution ( company banners, rich-text (like bold and larger fonts for weight) and pictures).  The HTML email also needs to be able to have calculation fields from the database so that it works like a targeted "newsletter" or "template" style email that can be sent with custom client information included such as "name, date, location and stuff".
      The basic idea here is to have an HTML, mail merge kind of thing that auto populates fields from a record in the database by clicking a scripted button.  With the core FMP program I can make a plain text e-mail that has fields from the database; with the 360 works plugin I can make an HTML email.  Is there anyway I can combine best of both?
      I want to know if this is possible before buying the plug-in.. PLEASE HELP!
    • By crayfish
      I'm probably missing something obvious....
      If I open the attached file in a webviewer, it works as expected.
      "file:/" & Get(DesktopPath) & "testpopup.html"
      However, if I copy the code from that file and paste it into a field codeHTML and then use the following webviewer calculation "data:text/html," & codeHTML, then the popups don't work.
      I'm on Filemaker Pro Advanced 13.0v3 on Mac OS X 10.10.5 
      The code will be changing dynamically so I'd rather not have to be exporting a temp file every time in order for popups to work.
      Any ideas?
      [p.s. the code allows you to create popups using CSS only, no Javascript. credit goes to Prakash Nakrani: http://www.sevensignature.com/blog/code/pure-css-popup-without-javascript/]
    • By wdedalus
      I've been doing merges for years using the "Merge Mail" script.  It is a handy tool.
      To date, when I wanted to include a url, I just had the url be part of the e-mail. Currently, I'm trying to send a note with a *lot* of links, and want to hyperlink the actual text.  But I can't figure out how to do it!  Searching the web has proven fruitless.  Any FM gurus out there who can shed some light on this?

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