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Plugin Crashing Filemaker

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Jake_R    1

I have the latest version of FTPeek (1.642)  installed on windows with filemaker 12 and 13.


Whenever I go to edit --> Preferences --> Plugins and try to enter the registration details, filemaker crashes.


I was using an old version of java and have updated to the latest one. It still crashes on both Filemaker 12 and 13 on windows 8.1


The script steps also aren't working to save the registration details, however I do get a successful (1) result from the script 


Filemaker crashing periodically with the plugin installed.


Please assist.

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Hi Jake,


You should check with your default cache memory setting. Some plugins are need more cache memory to load into Filemaker, so just remove/uninstall the plugin and open Filemaker and increase your Filemaker default cache memory and try that will not work, then your system is not supporting to the plugin. Some plugins are showing this crashing behavior basically in Windows system.





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