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ERROR - This item cannot be modified here because it is already being modified in a different window

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ctmorrison    0

I was pulling my hair out earlier due to a problem with FileMaker Go 13.0.2 on my iPhone 5S (updated OS).  I'm running it against a FileMaker 13 server hosted at FileMakerProHosting.com and developed the database with FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced.


I have a simple layout for updating a table.  On the iPhone, I would click on a field and modify the contents and then go to another record and do the same (List view).  If I went back to the original record and tried to modify the field, again, I would get the subject message.  Actually, if I went to any record, I got the same message.  This would NOT occur on FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced on my Mac.  Nor would it happen on my iPad running FileMaker Go 13.0.2 (same version).  The problem seems to be unique to the iPhone.  I also noticed that my Mac and iPad were not getting any of the field updates I was able to make on the iPhone prior to the error appearing.  This makes me think FileMaker Go was in some funky state and not pushing updates--it thought the field was still in the midst of a change.


What I do recall is that earlier I had become interested in learning how well Siri would work to enter data into a field.  This may or may not have anything to do with the issue surfacing.  I have tried using Siri on my iPad and experienced no problems with this same layout.  


If I logged the iPhone out of the database and reconnected, I would have the same experience.  It seems I can update one record, but when I go to another, the problem seemed to surface.  Note--the Layout is set to "Save record changes automatically".  I tried adding a script trigger to force a commit when leaving the field, but without any benefit.


I then tried powering down/up the iPhone and that seems to have fixed the issue.  I don't know how to report this to FileMaker, but I do know from other threads that others have experienced this same issue.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  We're close to putting this system in the field to manage all of our service techs and I'm a bit anxious the problem will surface, again.

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dansmith65    83

If you are certain that a new window isn't being opened, then it sounds like a bug to me. AFAIK, this is the official place to post bugs: http://forums.filemaker.com/hives/1eea103f05/summary


I assume you will need to narrow down the exact sequence of events that led to the bug for it to be helpful, though.

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I don't know if you've found a solution yet but I've got more or less the same problem. I've been working with someone at FileMaker to try and get to the bottom of it (http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/f46ade5352) but they can't replicate the error. We've been working on it for a few weeks now. If you are still having problems with it, could you drop them an email (forumsupport@filemaker.com using the subject: 'TSGal - modified in different window'). 

I was wondering if it's something specific to the iPhone5s but the error has also occurred on my iPad.

The only work around at the moment I can find is to fully quit FM Go by double tapping the 'home' button and swiping FM Go off the screen.

When in this error state, I have also found that other files in FM Go will not save new records.

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Rgordon    5

FileMaker Go has problems that I think are memory related. The problems occur when there is only a small amount of available ram. This is why it is hard to reproduce these issues since they might only occur during low memory situation. I use an app called System Status which does a good job of monitoring the memory. I bet when you see some of the problems if you check the available memory it will be very low. A restart frees up memory which then allows the program to function properly. System Status allows you to monitor the last ten minutes of memory usage. There are certain things in FileMaker (like using the camera) that make the memory spike. System Status also has a feature that allows you to free up the inactive memory that is used for inactive apps.

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Ocean West    106

Oh man, i am seeing this issue now, and i have a demo to show later today - not sure how to talk my way around this. 

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dansmith65    83

Does Flush Cache to Disk or Refresh Window w/ Flush script steps help?

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ctmorrison    0

I've added commits and flush cache to several places to try and mitigate the problem.  However, now that we have more users in the field (about 7), we're seeing this on a daily basis.  It has become very frustrating for our technicians.  Furthermore, we're seeing other anomalies, such as script triggers not working.  I'm now wondering if it's related to our hosting company, who shall remain nameless.  However, their pricing was very attractive (aka "cheap") and I'm wondering if our server is starving for resources.  We may consider a more expensive hosting company as an alternative.

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IT_User    0

I seem to be running into this problem, as well. (After having to figure out some other settings.)


On another note, have you tried it locally on the iPad/iPhone.  Currently, I am working with a hosted file, but I am going to look at a local file.

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I've added commits and flush cache to several places to try and mitigate the problem.  However, now that we have more users in the field (about 7), we're seeing this on a daily basis.  It has become very frustrating for our technicians.  Furthermore, we're seeing other anomalies, such as script triggers not working.  I'm now wondering if it's related to our hosting company, who shall remain nameless.  However, their pricing was very attractive (aka "cheap") and I'm wondering if our server is starving for resources.  We may consider a more expensive hosting company as an alternative.


We have had this problem for some time on a very simple student database, as well as a database that we have at our private company. I, being a novice thought it was something I did to the iPad layout.


I do not think it is your server as we have a massive server at the school with a fiber connection of 100 mbps down and around 40 mbps up, and we still have the same issue with a small database that we have at our private company running a medium speed DSL connection.

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Sky Willmott    15

Yep, annoyingly I frequently get this error/bug too... Particularly when opening a file that has just replaced an existing one in FileMaker Go.... Only fix seems to be to manually force quit FileMaker Go by swiping it up out of the multitask app list and then re opening ....

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Bikeman17    0

I am glad to read that I am not alone struggling with this issue. The first time, I started from scratch thinking I made mistakes designing new layouts and scripts. Then I thought the problem was solved. The second time I thought my files was too heavy for the iPad. I removed some complex scripts. The third time FileMaker Go's default file froze on screen. I rebooted the iPad and so far it works fine. The issue does not seem to related to FM dbs but it can be with the iOS or FileMaker Go. May be FileMaker's geeks think they can run files on iPad with limited processing capabilities.

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I'm having this problem too, hosted on FMP advanced on my home LAN, just prototyping as a single user. When I close the window and reopen the database it says the other user (me) is still using it. It is only when I send myself a message that it realizes both users are the same person! Very frustrating. The update behavior is also unreliable, sometimes new records are pushed, sometimes they disappear and often it crashes. I've tried the commits, flushes etc but all very difficult. Sometimes I close the FMGo window and none of the 10 records just added are there. Combined with the erratic non iOS auto correct - blue writing comes up to capitalize the name but it enters lower case anyway! I've now turned it off and use Proper().

We shouldn't be using funky works rounds for things that just should work. It makes our software look buggy.

I 'm just hoping it runs better when local and not hosted.

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Cable    3

I've seen two things cause this to occur.


One was that I had a plugin (Dataguard) that limited changes to a record. Since the iPad app couldn't run the plugin the edit was failing but no error message was being displayed so the iPad was locking the record but it wouldn't unlock until a force quit.


The second way was when I had File Access security set to "Require full access privileges to use references to this file". Even though I had the file set as authorized, it would still fail and lock the record. This started happening a couple of months ago after one of the Go updates and continues to this day. I had to shut off that security setting in order to get it to reliably work.


Not sure if this helps but it might trigger a train of thought that leads to the right station. :laugh2:

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Thanks Cable, it seems to happen when the host machine is in use or the file is local. If the host is asleep, no crashes. Haven't tried server yet,

Will report bsck

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Sky Willmott    15

Fingers crossed, but since downloading the FMGo 13.0.6 update released today, I've not had the error reappear, yet.... Let's hope its somehow gone for good!! :-)

I have made use of philmodjunk's 'bugcheck' script mentioned above, and that has been very useful as a way of warning users that they need to restart FMGo......

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