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FileMaker 12 Connection Problem

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Osman    0
I have a server on one of the ISP. For more than one years it is running.
But today I can not connect to databases published. I have checked the port number 5003, it is open. Windows firewall is off.
FileMaker sever is running, I can connect server by the filemaker runs on the server machine. FileMaker running on the server machine can not connect any other server. CWP page is running over http.
I am missing something, what could I do to solve this problem?

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Wim Decorte    455

Since it was running before and now not, something setting was changed.  Find out what work / updates the provider has done.


Triple-check that port 5003 is open.

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Osman    0

Thank you Wim


I have checked port www.canyouseeme.org and network utility. Both of seems the port open.


But problem has gone. You are right, problem was related to our provider's network settings.


Have a nice day.

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      Losing connection is an issue in itself which I've been researching.
      But what I'd like your opinion about is a related issue. Several staff members swear that on a few occasions when they lose their connection that they also lost some of their work. I've viewed this a spurious claim because of the nature of FM. Sure, I, conceded, you might lose the work in one field but I haven't seen it as possible to lose more than that.
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